Stewardship Course:


Module 1: Introduction

It all starts with our outlook


So how do we begin living a life of Christian stewardship?  Before we even begin to consider the how to’s and other practical things we can do to make a change, we should first be convinced in our hearts that everything belongs to God.  In other words our outlook should first be changed … God created all things and that includes our ability to earn a living … that He is the provider … and our role is only to manage it according to His priorities.

The early Israelites know this too well.  King David acknowledged this as much.  Notice how in I Chronicles 29:14b “Everything comes from you and we have given you only what comes from your hand.”

At this point, consider and meditate further on the following verses:

Psalm 24:1 – God is the owner of everything; the land (Leviticus 25:23), silver and gold (Haggai 2:8), even the beasts (Psalm 50:10)

We should recognize that the Lord is OWNER and accepting Christ’s lordship requires that He is Lord over our money, possessions, talent, etc. Everything we have should be given up to Him (Luke 14:33).  This giving up means us saying “These (my house, car, money, etc.) are not mine … it is the Lord’s and I am just a steward (manager).  What do you want me to do with it, Lord?”


If there is a most difficult part in Christian stewardship, this is it.  It is different from what our culture and world thinks.

Can you see yourself transferring ownership of what you have to God?  Signing it over to Him?  It seems to be the most unnatural thing to do.  We should always be reminded of this.  God does not need our money … He needs our heart!

Our journey to Christian stewardship all starts with this.  Prayerfully consider it … confess if necessary … and you’re on to a good start!

Start From Where You Are

What is a steward? Simply put, a steward is a person entrusted with someone else’s property. He is to grow the owner’s assets for the owner’s benefit. Which brings us to the question – if we are God’s steward, what benefit does God want? Review 1 Chronicles 29: 10-14 again. It is obvious that David in these verses acknowledges that everything is God’s and His resources will be used to Honor Him alone, not even David.

So how do we start off as a steward of God?

The first step is to take an inventory of what He has entrusted to us. After all, we won’t know how to manage if we don’t know what we are managing. This is where stewardship becomes a personal journey. This is the step where we determine what God has ‘loaned’ to us personally.

So let us list down first all the “Assets” that has been entrusted to us. These are our house (if you own it), car, checking accounts, business, etc. When listing them down and their values, just think of how much total amount you will get IF you sell or dispose of them.

For example, if you own your home, put down how much you can sell it for. In the second part called ‘liabilities’, this is where you indicate how much your home mortgage balance is. Do the same with your other assets and liabilities.

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