Module 1: Start From Where You Are – Worksheet


After putting in your numbers, you will see whether you are in a positive or a negative ‘net worth’. Bear in mind that whether you are in a positive or negative territory, you can improve your situation from now on. Your snapshot also tells you a picture of how you have been managing your finances so far. The question to ask is “Is my net worth improving or deteriorating?” Every day, while you are sleeping, did my liabilities (debt) go up more than how my assets grew? If you have an interest bearing debt like a credit card debt, every day it accumulates in the same way that your investments earn interest (or dividends, or value). More on this later when we take up the subject of debt and eliminating it.

Your Financial Snapshot is your starting benchmark. It is your “before” and “after” pictures. After you have gone through the exercises and taken the discipline to stay on a stewardship attitude, you will be able to compare how you are doing by taking a second (or third) snapshot (your “after” picture) and comparing it with your original one.

So go ahead and click on this link to get your first worksheet if you have not done so yet.

Tips on completing this worksheet:

  • Put in the date you first resolved to be a good steward – this is your initial shot
  • Don’t be concerned with being exact – as long as you get a good idea of your assets and liabilities. Round out numbers.
  • The worksheet is not ‘locked’ so you can do your own edits to suit your needs
  • After a considerable number of months, try getting another snapshot by putting your numbers in the other columns. You may want to add some more columns as you see fit.

Once you have done your first snapshot, go to the next module in this site which deals with budgeting.