Become a Steward

God bless you for your desire to live out biblical financial stewardship in your daily life.

By taking the Stewardship Course, you gain access to resources, tools and coaches who will help guide you on your financial journey.

Welcome aboard!

4 Important Benefits of the Stewardship Course


Provision of Needs

Because God is the owner, He will make sure our needs are met while we steward His possessions.

Protection from Greed

As good stewards we’ll always be grounded (humble) and protected from greed which destroys many people.

Blessed Increasingly

As good stewards we are blessed increasingly as we trust in the knowledge that God blesses us in order to help others.

Living Generously

Studies show that giving not only benefits the recipient but givers are known to be happier and healthier.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to connect with a Stewardship Coach anytime.

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